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We’re committed to making playspaces in NSW more inclusive. That’s why we’ve collaborated with local government, design experts and disability advocates to create Everyone Can Play in NSW, a practical toolkit for creating playspaces in which everyone belongs.


We want designers to think about the little things that can make a big difference. It might be as simple as including a path for a wheelchair or pram from the carpark to the playspace, making sure there’s enough shade or even a back on the seat, so a grandparent can comfortably watch their grandchildren learn and explore the world through play.


We’ve worked hard to ensure that the guideline will meet the needs of our playspace planners, designers and creators. We have completed our exhibition period and are currently assessing all submissions before launching the final guideline. The document is still available for download via the link below.


Everyone can play in NSW guideline

Play is for everyone, our playspaces should be too!

Watch the video to find out why NSW needs playspaces in which everyone belongs. 


Page last updated: 07/11/2018