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We are making play spaces in NSW more inclusive. Through the Everyone Can Play (ECP) Guideline and grant program we are helping designers and councils deliver play spaces that are designed to be more inclusive of everyone in the community.

The ECP program is also helping to deliver the Premier's Priorities of quality green, open and public space within 10 minutes' walk of urban areas and increased tree canopy across Greater Sydney with a tree planting component of the funding program.

So far more than 55 new or improved inclusive play spaces have been delivered across NSW from the previous three rounds of grant funding with 53 more currently under development.

The fourth and final grant round has closed and funding has been allocated with $4 million committed towards the creation of 33 new and upgraded inclusive playspaces across NSW.

With these newly announced projects, the Everyone Can Play program has funded 141 inclusive play projects since it commenced in 2018, delivering on its $20 million commitment to creating inclusive play spaces across NSW.

Find out more about the 2021-22 Everyone Can Play grant.

Everyone Can Play guideline

We developed the Guideline by working with more than 50 stakeholders from local government, landscape architecture, disability advocates, industry representatives, parents and educators.

The Guideline outlines the process and tools for inclusive play. It presents a new way of thinking about how play spaces are planned, designed and managed. The Guideline asks designers and planners of play spaces three simple questions: Can I get there? Can I play? Can I stay?

Inside the Guideline is an evaluation checklist to assist with the review of existing play spaces and designs to ensure that more people can get to, play and stay at play spaces in our communities.

A set of six design principles is also included in the Guideline to provide best practice recommendations to inspire and prompt designers to deliver more inclusive play for everyone.

We’ve worked hard to ensure the Guideline will meet the needs of planners, designers and creators. The document is available for download via the link below.

Download the ECP Guideline

Everyone Can Play website

The Everyone Can Play website provides resources including toolkits, news articles, case studies and examples to assist in the planning, creation and delivery of inclusive playspaces. Design resources are available for download from the website including the Everyone Can Play Guideline, the Consultation Report, design and evaluation toolkits and information about the Everyone Can Play Grant Program.

Go to the Everyone Can Play website

Everyone Can Play latest videos

We are investing in upgraded and new inclusive playspaces all around NSW.

These videos feature some of most recently launched parks and provide more information about the project.

Webinar series

Everyone Can Play is a new way of thinking, showing how small changes can mean big results and help to create a legacy of inclusive play. In our webinar series, you can:

  • Learn how other councils are embedding the principles within their organisations and delivering inclusive play for communities
  • Learn how inclusive play is being delivered in bushfire-affected communities, as well as tips from the design review process

More information

For more detailed information about the project, you can:

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