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2022 NSW Flood Inquiry

The NSW Government commissioned an independent inquiry into the preparation for, causes of, response to and recovery from the 2022 flood events across NSW. The report and recommendations from this inquiry have now been delivered.

The department is working with other government agencies and key stakeholders, like councils, on the implementation of the government's response to the report as part of its commitment to ensuring there is greater resilience in communities across NSW.

Further updates on the government’s response to the report will be provided in due course.

NSW Reconstruction Authority

The devastating 2022 floods across much of NSW severely tested the state’s preparedness for, response to and recovery from major natural disasters.

In response to these disasters, and in line with recommendations from the independent 2022 NSW Flood Inquiry, legislation was passed in NSW parliament on 17 November 2022 to establish the NSW Reconstruction Authority, which would be dedicated to disaster recovery, reconstruction and preparedness.

The new Authority would be set up as a statutory body reporting to the Minister for Planning and would focus on better preparing NSW communities against future disasters, building more resilient places, and protecting lives and property.

View FAQs - NSW Reconstruction Authority (PDF, 86 KB)

View the NSW Reconstruction Authority bill passed media release.

Keeping our communities safe

Significant flood events like those in 2022 show the importance of managing flood risk in land use planning. This will build resilience in communities located on floodplains and reduce the extent of property damage and potential loss of life from severe to extreme flooding throughout NSW.

The department works closely with other agencies, such as Resilience NSW, NSW State Emergency Service, which is the lead combat agency for flood, storm and tsunami events, Northern Rivers Reconstruction Corporation and Infrastructure NSW, which leads the implementation of the Hawkesbury-Nepean Flood Risk Management Strategy.

Updated guidance for councils

To accompany the finalised package, a submission’s report is also available. The report summarises feedback received during exhibition and how that feedback was addressed in the final documents.

The updated guidance:

  • supports better management of flood risk beyond the 1% annual exceedance probability
  • ensures best management practices in managing and mitigating severe to extreme flood events
  • builds greater resilience into communities in floodplains and reduces potential property damage and loss of life in recognition of increasing extreme flood events throughout NSW.

For further information about the changes:

More information

If you have any queries, you can contact stakeholder.engagement@planning.nsw.gov.au.

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