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The NSW Planning Portal provides access to information to help you prepare, lodge and track development applications.


Whether you're getting started on a new build, renovating, or want to lodge and track your development applications, the NSW Planning Portal helps you on your journey and provides tools to make the process simpler.


For further information and guidance on the NSW planning system visit the Assess & Regulate page.


Exempt Development

Find out what types of home renovations and minor building projects are exempt from planning approval.

No planning or building approval is needed for a project that meets specific standards and land requirements.

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Complying Development

Learn how straightforward residential, commercial and industrial developments may qualify for a simpler, fast-track approval process called complying development.

An application that meets specific standards can be fast-tracked by a council or accredited certifier without the need for a full development application.

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Find a Property

Use this tool to search for planning information about a property.

If you search for an address you can see information relating to that address, including local environmental plans, state environmental planning policies, development control plans, contribution plans and development applications relating to a property.

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Access planning-related datasets under open access licences. You can consume them as printable charts or download the raw data.

Analysis of local, State and industry performance is regularly monitored by the Department through a range of publications.

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Use BASIX as part of the development application process to help reduce your home water and energy use.

When you submit a residential development application to your local council you will need a BASIX certificate. This ensures that new and upgraded homes across the State produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions and reduce water consumption by setting energy and water reduction targets.

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Open Data

Get access to planning data, in line with the NSW Government's objectives around open data.

Key planning spatial datasets are available under open access licenses. You can either consume them as a web map service or download a shape file.

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Building or renovating

Find out if you qualify for fast-track approval, access information on building a granny flat, and view tools including a renovator’s checklist.

Many home renovation projects and minor building works don’t need approval from a council or accredited certifier.

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Lodge your application or certificate

Find out about the different types of development applications and how you can lodge them.

Common development application types include complying development, local development, regional development and state significant development or infrastructure.

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track applications

Track your application

Track your own development application, and those close to your home.

Many councils in NSW allow you to track your development application online.

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