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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Your Guide to the Development Application Process
– Seminar Kit

‘Your Guide to the Development Application Process’ was prepared to help inexperienced or first-time development applicants prepare high quality development applications for homes. High quality development applications containing all the required information are easier and faster for Councils to assess. ‘Your Guide’ contains useful, generic information for applicants across NSW and is not applicable to any particular local government area.

To complement Your Guide, ‘Your Guide to the Development Application Process – Seminar Kit’ was prepared as an additional resource for Councils. The Seminar Kit contains the materials Councils will need to successfully organise and present a two-hour seminar on the DA process for small housing development. 

The intent of the seminars is to provide Councils with a forum to more thoroughly explain the DA process, as applied in their locality, and to allow Councils the opportunity to provide more targeted information relevant to their local areas. This includes the specific local development controls that applicants should be aware of and adhere to when preparing their development applications. 

These seminars have been tested by Councils and proven to be of assistance to applicants in understanding Council requirements, especially the processes they must follow and documents that must be provided to allow Council assessment staff to undertake efficient and comprehensive assessments. 

Councils can download the Seminar Kit files at the links below:

  1. Seminar kit, which includes all the things you will need to organise in the lead up to, during and after the seminar [pdf, 542KB]
  2. Editable PowerPoint presentation for use during the seminar [pdf, 2.7MB]
  3. Your guide to the Development Application process’ [pdf, 2MB]
  4. DA Information Seminar Evaluation Form [pdf, 22KB]
  5. Copy of the short animation to explain the DA process [link to YouTube]
  6. Editable Word template for council links and contacts [pdf, 588KB]

Page last updated: 20/02/2020