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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The Hunters Hill remediation project relates to three Government owned properties at 7-11 Nelson Parade, Hunters Hill. The properties are contaminated because of previous industrial activities that operated on the site in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.


In 2012, Property NSW lodged an application with the Department to remediate the properties. The Department placed the Environmental Assessment (EA) supporting the application on public exhibition for three months until February 2013.


During exhibition, we received more than 4,500 submissions, particularly objections to the disposal of contaminated material at the Kemps Creek waste facility. In response, the proponent is no longer pursuing the option to dispose of the contaminated material at the Kemps Creek waste facility.


The Department requested further information from Property NSW to address the issues raised in submissions, including the final disposal location for the contaminated material.


Property NSW has investigated multiple alternative disposal options. Property NSW now propose to encapsulate the low-level radiological waste on-site. The material containing petroleum hydrocarbons and heavy metals would be treated and disposed off-site at a licensed waste facility. No contaminated material would be sent to the waste facility at Kemps Creek. This proposal is outlined in the Preferred Project Report (PPR) as the preferred remediation option.


The PPR and Submissions Report is now available on our website.


Read the report


The notification period for the PPR closed on 26 July 2019.


What’s next?

Now the public notification period of the PPR has finished, we will review the feedback and undertake our detailed technical assessment of the application. Once finalised, we will refer our assessment report and recommendation to the Independent Planning Commission (IPC). The IPC is the final determining authority for the proposal.


The IPC will consider the community’s views and the Department’s recommendation and make a final decision on the matter.


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Page last updated: 30/07/2019