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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Precincts – a new approach

The Minister for Planning and Public Space has recently announced a new approach to precinct planning in NSW.


This means the Department will continue to prepare, finalise and maintain strategic plans for the Wilton Growth Area. Wilton 2040 – a Plan for the Wilton Growth Area was released during 2018. The Department will continue to lead planning for the Wilton Town Centre Precinct, as this is critical to the success of the new town.


Precinct planning and the potential future rezoning of Wilton West and the balance of Wilton South East will be undertaken through collaboration between Council and the Department. Council will lead the planning of these precincts, with support from the Department to resolve complex issues, determine appropriate timing of development and infrastructure, and together drive a quality place outcome.


The Department will, in collaboration with Council, finalise the Wilton Growth Area Development Control Plan (including urban design controls for the Wilton Town Centre). Further work will be undertaken into the staging of development to align with the delivery of identified State and local infrastructure.



Wilton in 2040 will be a landmark area in the Western Parkland City where the local community and businesses are flourishing. Wilton will have grown sustainably over the last 20 years, adapting to changes in community expectations, and taking advantage of employment and transport innovations.


Wilton will be known for its protection and conservation of the natural environment, particularly its koala corridor, enhancing the experience of living and working in Wilton. It will offer a key location for job opportunities that benefit from direct access to Greater Macarthur, Wollongong, and the new Western Sydney Airport.


A resilient community will be created with a diverse range of housing for all age groups. Wilton will have a well-developed network of services and infrastructure supporting its residents, visitors and workers.


There are six precincts in the Wilton Growth Area, with homes already built in Bingara Gorge and planned for at South East Wilton.


Precinct planning is well advanced for North Wilton.


Development Control Plan

The Department has collaborated with Wollondilly Shire Council to develop the draft Wilton Growth Area Development Control Plan (DCP).


The draft DCP provides detailed planning controls for urban development in the Wilton Growth Area. This includes the rezoned South East Wilton and North Wilton Precincts, which will be the first stages of development for the growing Wilton community.


The draft Wilton DCP was on exhibition for six weeks and is now closed for comments. Submissions will be collated and published on the Planning Portal soon.


Should you have any further questions about the plans, please contact us.


Watch Wilton 2040


Actions for the Wilton Growth Area

Create a new Town in Wilton

Around 15,000 new homes will be built in the Wilton Growth Area over the next 20 to 30 years. The Growth Area will be focused on a new town centre which will provide shops and services for the growing community as well as jobs for people living in the area.


Create a range of housing types that caters to a variety of people

Plans for the Wilton Growth Area will create up to 15,000 new homes supported by schools, transport, community facilities and open space. People will be able to choose from a variety of types of homes with easy access to a vibrant town or village centre.


Create opportunities for businesses to provide new shops, restaurants and services close to homes

Each precinct will incorporate employment land including space for shops, businesses and industrial activities. The new town centre will be a lively and attractive commercial centre providing new jobs for the region.


Target the creation of around 15,000 new jobs over the next 20 to 30 years

Wilton is strategically located between the Southern Highlands, the Illawarra, Campbelltown and Western Sydney to provide job opportunities. Further employment opportunities will develop through connections with the new Western Sydney Aerotropolis, as well as freight and logistics opportunities.


Timely delivery of infrastructure to support new communities

As new communities grow, developers will provide the infrastructure needed to support this growth. A draft Special Infrastructure Contribution is proposed which would provide up to $771 million towards state and regional infrastructure over the next 20 years.


Access to a new town centre via new walking and cycling routes

Walking and cycling routes throughout the Growth Area will make it easy to access shops and services in the town centre. Leaving the car at home and using active modes of transport like walking and cycling will promote healthy lifestyles.


Conservation of important wildlife habitat and biodiversity corridors

Much of the vegetation will be conserved to maintain biodiversity and habitat for fauna. Strategic conservation planning will protect important areas of vegetation habitat. The NSW Government is working with the Commonwealth to ensure koalas and their habitat are protected as the two Growth Areas of Wollondilly and Greater Macarthur grow.


Recognition and conservation of the area’s historic and Aboriginal heritage

We are protecting heritage items and Aboriginal sites so future generations can appreciate and enjoy the culture of the area.

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