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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Central Precinct is a State Significant Precinct (SSP) surrounded by leading universities and businesses.


Central SSP covers 24 hectares bounded by Pitt Street to the west, Cleveland Street to the south, Eddy Avenue to the north and Elizabeth Street to the east.


We are working with Transport for NSW (TfNSW), the City of Sydney and the Greater Sydney Commission to transform Central SSP into a technology and innovation precinct.


The precinct will be a leader in innovation, collaboration and jobs for the future as well as the epicentre of Tech Central. Stretching from Central Station to Camperdown, Tech Central will house start-ups, scale-ups and innovation ecosystem partners in 250,000 sqm of office space. 


The first stage of planning for Central SSP is the Western Gateway sub-precinct, which consists of three separate development sites: Block A, B and C.  


Western Gateway Blocks A and B

Blocks A and B were rezoned in August 2020 and will enable the delivery of Atlassian’s new global headquarters and a significant redevelopment proposal from Dexus and Frasers. 

The precinct will deliver 232,000 sqm of non-residential space for commercial, retail and hotel uses. 


The draft rezoning package for the Western Gateway sub-precinct was exhibited from 16 October to 27 November 2019 alongside a Strategic Vision document which set out the vision, principles, future sub-precincts in Central SSP and context for the consideration of the Western Gateway proposal.


The finalisation report details changes to Sydney Local Environmental Plan (2012) (Sydney LEP) that will help facilitate the delivery of Tech Central and the Western Gateway sub-precinct. 


Transport for NSW has prepared a Design Guide (PDF, 1.06MB) to ensure high-quality design in the sub-precinct, and a Strategic Framework (PDF, 15 MB) to set the vision and principles for future stages of planning in Central SSP.


The rezoning package, all finalisation documents and submissions are available on the Planning Portal. 


See the Blocks A and B Rezoning Package.


Western Gateway Block C  

TfNSW has prepared a proposal to rezone the Western Gateway Block C, which is the final part of the Western Gateway Sub-precinct. 


The plans were exhibited for public comment from 16 December 2020 to Friday 29 January 2021. The Department has prepared a summary of the submissions. See the Submissions Summary Report.


The proposal seeks to amend the Sydney LEP 2012 to enable development above the Parcel Post building (the Adina Hotel). The proposed controls included:  

  • Keeping the existing B8 Metropolitan Centre zone, which allows commercial, retail, business and hotel premises on the site. 
  • Introducing a site-specific provision for Block C that will: 
    • allow an additional 43,000 square metres of gross floor for non-residential purposes;
    • increase the building height up to RL 211.9 (or about 42 storeys); and 
    • ensure high-quality design.  

The new planning controls would allow for a new north-south thoroughfare and an improved public plaza linking Railway Square with the new public domain in the Western Gateway.  


TfNSW has updated its proposal to address issues raised during the public exhibition and submitted a Response to Submissions to the Department for consideration and assessment.


See the Block C planning proposal


Study Requirements for Central SSP 

The department has now issued Study Requirements for Central SSP that will guide the future redevelopment of the broader precinct (beyond the Western Gateway Sub-precinct). The requirements ensure that appropriate technical analysis is undertaken to support any future rezoning proposal.


The Study Requirements were prepared in consultation with the City of Sydney, Greater Sydney Commission and other Government agencies. 


See the Central SSP Study Requirements

What happens next

We are continuing to work with TfNSW, the City of Sydney, Greater Sydney Commission and other Government agencies to enable development within the Central SSP. 


TfNSW is developing its plans for Central SSP and undertaking technical analysis. There will be more community and stakeholder consultation as planning progresses. 


Any future proposals for the Central SSP will be assessed for consistency with the Central Strategic Framework (PDF, 15 MB).


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Page last updated: 23/08/2021