NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Technical Assurance Panel

A pilot program to undertake strategic investigations for precincts.

The department has run a Technical Assurance Panel (TAP) pilot program.

The program was a new way for state agencies, councils and landowners to work together to undertake strategic investigations for precincts. The TAP program aimed to identify, and require the proponent to address, key local, state and strategic issues, which may then lead to the lodgement of a formal rezoning proposal. This would enable clearer decision-making, a stronger appreciation of public benefit, better outcomes, and, importantly, give the community confidence that important issues have been thoroughly investigated and addressed by the relevant stakeholders before lodgement of rezoning applications.

The TAP pilot program has concluded in two precincts in the Greater Macarthur Growth Area (GMGA) – Appin and Gilead. The panel was made up of representatives from government agencies, service providers and local councils who provide insight into community issues, infrastructure needs and opportunities and constraints for development.

The workshops were chaired by the department and had senior representation from:

  • Environment and Heritage
  • Government Architect NSW
  • Sydney Water
  • Transport for NSW (TfNSW)
  • Wollondilly Shire and Campbelltown City Councils
  • Other agencies such as the Rural Fire Service and Heritage NSW were also consulted.

The forum of public agencies and the proponent, led by DPE, sought to resolve complex planning issues and provided a recommended roadmap to resolve key issues upfront in a transparent way. The proponents were not involved in any formal deliberation or the formulation of recommendations to Government.

Under the pilot program the TAP workshops ensured collaboration and examination of important issues including:

  • protecting koala corridors and providing habitat revegetation
  • implementing the recommendations of the Chief Scientist and Engineer report, Advice on the protection of the Campbelltown koala population
  • aligning strategic planning to the draft Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan
  • adopting the Government Architect’s recently released Connecting with Country Framework
  • aligning planning outcomes with infrastructure.

The department would like to thank both Campbelltown and Wollondilly councils and agencies for their participation and commitment to the pilot program.

The below final outcomes and recommendations of the TAP pilot program have been provided to the proponents to update their respective proposal in preparation for the statutory process:

Any assurance to proceed with a rezoning application is not an approval and does not change the usual rezoning assessment process.

TAP program review

The department has conducted a review of the pilot program. The review document below provides recommendations on how the TAP process can be applied to other sites.

Page last updated: 09/02/2023