NSW Department of Planning and Environment

The NSW Government supports sustainable and hazard-resilient communities through smart land use planning.

We are giving communities and councils the tools to prepare for, manage and recover from extreme events – potentially saving lives and property.

Natural Hazards can have a devastating impact on communities and the environment. They can include a bushfire, coastal hazard, cyclone, drought, earthquake, flood, heatwave, landslide, severe thunderstorm, tornado and tsunami.

The Natural Hazards package includes:

  • A Strategic Guide (PDF, 3.3 MB) to planning for natural hazards in NSW
  • A resource kit to support the strategic planning process and help plan-making authorities find the information and data they need.

The Strategic Guide

The guide helps create regional, district and local strategic plans, planning proposals and other strategic planning activities. It:

  • identifies the natural hazards relevant to NSW that should be considered in strategic planning activities
  • considers the connection to existing policies, acts, regulations, guidelines and responsibilities
  • explains key concepts related to natural hazard risk management
  • sets out eight guiding principles to inform land use planning decisions and manage natural hazard risk.

The guide is supported by a Resource Kit (PDF, 312 KB) to help plan-making authorities find relevant natural hazard data, risk management information, other guidance, case studies, standards and tools.

Supporting documents:

The natural hazards package was exhibited between 27 April 2021 and 8 June 2021.

It was finalised on 6 December 2021.

More information

Please email the project team at coastal@planning.nsw.gov.au if you have any questions about this project.

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