NSW Department of Planning and Environment

This section provides up-to-date evidence and key insights relating to the population, housing, and broader economy of NSW. This includes the NSW Government Population Projections, Urban Development Programs, and the Housing Evidence Centre. Further information on the NSW Planning System can be found via the NSW Planning Portal.

Every day in NSW babies are born, new people arrive and others depart. Find out more about our current population figures and how these numbers will help shape the future of NSW.

The housing evidence centre makes it easy to access the housing data and information you need to make evidence–based decisions.

The Employment Lands Development Monitor (ELDM) provides a comprehensive annual snapshot of existing and potential future land zoned for industrial or similar purposes.

The Metropolitan Housing Monitors provide information on residential housing activity, greenfield development and supply and demand for employment lands.

Population data is updated every year by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and the Department of Planning and Environment prepare insights for NSW as a supplement to the NSW population projections.

The Department provides regular detailed information on residential housing activity and insightful analysis on population change. We also examine the delivery of housing and employment lands across NSW.

The Greater Sydney Urban Development Program (UDP) is the NSW Government's program for monitoring housing and employment land supply and assisting infrastructure coordination in Greater Sydney.

Did you know Sydney will need around 725,000 additional homes over the next 20 years to accommodate a growing and ageing population? Find out more about Sydney’s housing supply forecast here.