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Government Architect NSW

Strategic design leadership in architecture, urban design and landscape architecture.

The Government Architect NSW (GANSW) works across government, the private sector and the community to improve social, environmental and economic outcomes for NSW and all of our communities. We support the NSW Government and help it deliver quality built-environment projects, manage risk and foster innovation to create people-centred places.

In acknowledging the traditional Aboriginal custodians of the land and their unique cultural relationships to place, GANSW seeks to uphold the idea that 'If we care for Country - It will care for us.'

We aim to champion, connect and advise.


Promote, educate and advocate for design awareness and excellence on behalf of Government, its agencies and partners.


Foster public and private sector partnerships, collaboration and design collaboration across built environment initiatives.


Provide strategic and independent advice and quality review to support best practice and outcomes for design projects.

Who we are

The GANSW team is led by Abbie Galvin, the 24th Government Architect in the 207th year history of the organisation. Abbie leads a multidisciplined group, who advocate for and support the delivery of the great and resilient places expected by the people of NSW.

Government Architect NSW Abbie Galvin LFRAIA, along with directors Olivia Hyde LFRAIA and Paulo Macchia FRAIA form the Government Architect NSW executive team.

Case studies

Our case studies illustrate the concepts in our key policies and guidelines. They focus on both good design processes and outcomes. They provide evidence of the value of good design and 'design champions' in the development of projects.

People gathering at Newcastle Civic Park. Credit: Cory White / Government Architect NSW

General enquiries

Email [email protected] or phone 02 9860 1450.