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Refreshed Riverina Murray 20-year vision

18 Jan 2023

Better housing choice, more resilient places, capitalising on investment, and cross-border opportunities are key features of the long-term vision for the Riverina Murray.

NSW Department of Planning and Environment’s Executive Director of Local and Regional Planning Malcolm McDonald said the final Riverina Murray Regional Plan 2041 was released today, to help guide planning and land-use decisions for the region’s 20 councils over the next 20 years.

“The plan was updated to reflect the public’s feedback and reset the planning priorities for the region, with an aim to achieve healthy, connected and resilient communities,” Mr McDonald said.

“It responds to challenges experienced over the last five years – from drought, bushfires, the COVID-19 pandemic and, most recently, the 2022 floods. It also includes strategies to provide greater housing supply and affordability, including temporary accommodation.

“The strategy also features actions to help implement the Regional Housing Taskforce recommendations and the findings of the 2022 NSW Flood Inquiry.”

Mr McDonald said it sets out ways to strengthen links and improve decision making for cross-border communities, such as planning for delivery of services and infrastructure in towns like Moama and Echuca.

“The final plan outlines objectives to make the most of region-shaping infrastructure, including the Inland Rail and multiple Murray River bridge projects, which will diversify the economy and open opportunities for new investment,” he said.

Other highlights include promoting renewable energy initiatives; encouraging Aboriginal communities to benefit from their land; protecting and leveraging rural and industrial land; contributing to a net-zero State by 2050; and investigating ways to safeguard, connect and revitalise waterfront areas.

To view the final plan, visit Riverina Murray Regional Plan 2041.