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Marsden Park North

Priority growth areas and precincts

Marsden Park North is a new precinct planned for Sydney’s North West Growth Area. It is approximately 12 km from Blacktown CBD and 20 km from Parramatta CBD.

In collaboration with Blacktown City Council, we have prepared a draft master plan (PDF, 7.4 MB) for the Marsden Park North precinct. This plan will guide the future rezoning and development of this new precinct.

The Minister for Planning and Public Spaces has recently announced a new approach to precinct planning in NSW. The state government has decided Marsden Park North will remain a state led rezoning precinct. This means we will finalise the precinct plan and rezoning for the precinct.

This ensures the Department can continue to work closely with Council and state agencies to resolve outstanding issues including flood plain management and evacuation, biodiversity certification, the alignment of Garfield and Bandon Roads and a negotiated State Voluntary Planning Agreement (SVPA).

New opportunities for wading bird habitat are proposed to the east of the old effluent management ponds of the meatworks. These new ponds will be located away from future residents and will be established before the existing ponds are removed.

What's happened so far

When creating the draft Master plan we conducted a range of studies of the area. The outcomes of these studies help guide the plan.

You can view the studies on the Planning Portal.

We exhibited the plan and supporting technical studies to the community in September 2018. Submissions are now under consideration and will be reviewed before the plan is finalised.

What's happening next

We are reviewing the community's feedback, and once complete, will publish a report on the findings.

We will make updates to the plan based on the community's feedback and engage with the community when the final plan is released.