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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The department is committed to help keep the economy moving and people in jobs.


In July 2020, as part of the planning reforms work, we introduced a new ‘Planning Delivery Unit’ to progress priority planning projects, both development applications (DAs) and planning proposals, that may be ‘stuck’ in the system.



Planning Delivery Unit – What we do

The Planning Delivery Unit (PDU) becomes involved when development applications and planning proposals move too slowly through the NSW planning system.


We work with proponents, councils and NSW Government agencies to resolve issues so that decisions can be made more promptly.


We don’t make decisions, and normal planning processes resume once the issues have been resolved.


The PDU operates in three main ways:


  1. Case management – to resolve significant stalled projects by coordination and mediation
  2. Concierge Service – to help new investors navigate the NSW planning system
  3. Planning reform – improving systems and gathering ideas on how to improve the planning system.


The PDU is based within the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and reports directly to the Secretary. All existing planning powers remain with agencies and councils, which also remain accountable for their decisions.


Projects selection process

The Planning Delivery Unit may become involved with projects that are currently under assessment or in post consent approval phase that are experiencing unreasonable delays.


Intervention in projects is at the discretion of the Planning Delivery Unit, and key considerations are relevant when deciding whether a project can progress through the PDU.


Projects can be referred to the PDU by developers, councils or government agencies. If you wish to submit a request please contact the PDU team via email.