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Case management

Planning Delivery Unit

What does case management involve?

When a project has been delayed in the planning system the Planning Delivery Unit (PDU) case management team may get involved, which can be at the request of a stakeholder such as a council, developer, or another government agency.

The PDU can facilitate resolutions by:

  • convening relevant parties to work together toward a solution
  • establishing an agreed mediation process
  • coordinating the key steps required to finalise a determination
  • liaising between the consent authority and applicant
  • when needed, and in a tightly defined set of circumstances, using the Secretary's legislative step-in powers to make a decision in place of an approval body.

The PDU is not responsible for the determination or approval of projects. Our role is to proactively work with developers, councils and agencies to resolve issues that are delaying decision-making, to ensure timely determinations. Case management by the PDU does not guarantee an approval.

What is the project selection process?

The decision to case manage a project is at the discretion of the PDU, which makes an assessment based on whether the project is delayed and meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Significant projects – Any planning matter that delivers at least 100 dwellings or 200 jobs in a metropolitan area, or at least 20 dwellings or 20 jobs in a regional area.
  • A development carried out by or on behalf of the Crown.
  • Government or council priority – A strategic or priority project for a council or the NSW Government that is experiencing delays with government agencies.
  • Delivers public benefit – A project that delivers social infrastructure, community facilities, public space or green infrastructure.
  • Benefits Aboriginal communities – A project that provides significant potential benefits for Aboriginal people.
  • Delivers social and affordable housing – A project that significantly contributes to NSW Government commitment to increase social and affordable housing.

The PDU will not become involved with projects that are under appeal to the Land and Environment Court.

Project submissions

For Planning Delivery Unit project assistance, submit a request using the PDU assistance form.