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Planning Delivery Unit

The Planning Delivery Unit (PDU) generally becomes involved when development applications or planning proposals move too slowly through the NSW planning system.

We work with proponents, councils and NSW Government agencies to resolve issues so that decisions can be made more promptly.

We don’t make decisions, and normal planning processes resume once the issues have been resolved.

The PDU operates in 4 main ways:

  1. Case management – to resolve significant stalled projects by coordination and mediation, or project managing high-value, complex matters from start to finish.
  2. Planning Concierge – to help new investors, major developers, aboriginal land managers and community housing providers navigate the NSW planning system.
  3. Strategic Agency Relationships – partnering with other NSW Government agencies to deliver government planning priorities.
  4. Major Projects Advisory – working across government to build planning capability, manage funding agreements and ensure high-quality, timely advice on major projects.

The PDU is based within the NSW Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure’s Planning, Land Use, Strategy, & Housing division.

Projects selection process

Developers, councils or government agencies can refer projects to the PDU.

The PDU helps with projects under assessment or in the post-consent approval phase that are experiencing unreasonable delays. Intervention in projects is at the discretion of the PDU, and projects go through a full selection process.

For support, contact the team using the PDU assistance form.