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Climate change

Everyone Plant One

Did you know that native ecosystems are natural ‘carbon capture and storage systems?’ As trees grow, they absorb and store the carbon dioxide emissions that are driving global heating. This is converted into carbon and stored in the tree’s branches, leaves, trunks, roots, and in the soil.

Planting trees creates a vital habitat for our threatened species to give them a fighting chance against climate change. Trees also regulate the movement of water through ecosystems, reducing flooding and cooling the climate.

Plant a tree to tackle climate change

Watch the video on how planting a tree can help tackle climate change.

"Research has shown that trees provide environmental, health and amenity benefits in relation to… carbon absorption… within a Local Government area."

Planet Ark

Planting tips

Any greenery you plant will take carbon out of the atmosphere. The more you plant, the better. That includes potted plants on balconies, too. Consider grouping potted plants of various sizes, heights and species to allow for biodiversity and greater canopy coverage. The larger the pot, the better. Every patch of green will do its part to slow down climate change. Are you ready to create your own little piece of biodiversity?

Tree care tips

Need help selecting the perfect tree, planting your tree, or looking after your tree?
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