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Good design for social housing

A collaboration with NSW Land and Housing Corporation produced 2 new industry benchmarking documents

New guidelines have been released for the design and delivery of high-quality, contemporary social housing in NSW, aimed at improving the tenant experience.

A collaboration between NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) and Government Architect NSW has produced the 2 new industry benchmarking documents; Good Design for Social Housing and the LAHC Dwelling Requirements.

They replace the LAHC Design Standards 2014 and will guide key decision-making and inspire building innovation by LAHC and delivery partners such as architects, project managers and developers.

Government Architect NSW Abbie Galvin said the standards help cultivate better housing outcomes by building enjoyable and well-designed places for people to live and flourish.

“Good design plays an incredibly important role in helping to create modern homes which are comfortable and safe to live in, set in vibrant neighbourhoods where we can feel we belong as a community,” she said.

“These design tools will help deliver outcomes which improve tenant comfort and vitality such as; natural daylight and ventilation which helps cut energy costs; privacy when needed, while still being able to wave to neighbours from the front door; and easily accessible gardens and open spaces, to help people unwind and relax.”

LAHC Acting Chief Executive, Deborah Brill, said the new documents provide the basic ground-rules and guiding principles to ensure people remain central to the design and construction of new social housing in NSW.

“This is another step forward for the NSW Government’s contemporary vision to build more and better social housing which makes a real difference to peoples’ lives and creates stronger, safer communities,” Ms Brill said.

“By deliberately planning and designing new homes with solid structure and character from the start, we ultimately deliver better longer-lasting results for vulnerable people.”

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