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Design Guide for Health

Well-designed health facilities lead to better health outcomes for communities

Developed as a collaboration between the Government Architect NSW and Health Infrastructure, the design guide will help those involved in planning, designing, delivering or managing health facilities. It provides design guidance for project directors, project managers, professional design consultants and medical experts and covers initiation and feasibility through planning and design development to project delivery.

Design Guide for Health

Explains how well-designed health facilities contribute to community health and wellbeing.
Design Guide for Health

Extensive research shows that well-designed health environments improve workflow and reduce waiting times, improve patient recovery and rehabilitation, reduce the risk of hospital-based infections through improved air quality and reduce the length of patient stays.

Good design enhances staff health and wellbeing. It also supports the attraction and retention of staff, which is one of the biggest challenges facing modern healthcare delivery.

Well-designed health environments can enhance and support cultural safety, provide support for cultural practices that care for Country and increase Aboriginal engagement with health services.

Webinar: Design Guide for Health

The Government Architect NSW and Health Infrastructure celebrate the launch of the guide.
Garden area with seats outside a large office building. Credit: Brett Boardman

The webinar explores key elements of the design guide and how to implement the principles of the guide in practise. It also provided an opportunity for a live question and answer session.

Key experts from the Government Architect NSW team and Health Infrastructure share insights on how good design can enhance clinical services, health and healing, while supporting the public realm and strengthening community.