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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Lendlease have submitted a Stage 2 State Significant Development (SSD) application seeking approval for the construction and use of the commercial office tower above the Victoria Cross Metro station.


The Stage 2 SSD application seeks approval for:

  • the design, construction, and operation of a new commercial office tower with a maximum building height of RL 230 (42 storeys)
  • a gross floor area of 61,500 square metres (excluding station floor space under separate approval)
  • retail tenancies and commercial office lobbies
  • basement car parking, including 150 car parking spaces for the over station development
  • end of trip, loading and services facilities
  • signage zone locations
  • stratum subdivision


It is important to note the Stage 2 SSD application does not include works already approved under the Critical State Significant Infrastructure (CSSI) approval, which granted consent for the ‘metro box’. These works are shown in the Stage 2 SSD documentation for information only.


The proposal is subject to the conditions of consent issued with the Stage 1 concept approval.


Consultation and feedback

Sydney Metro have prepared the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) which was on public exhibition until 28 November 2019.


The EIS lists mitigation measures for any potential environmental and social impacts that may occur during construction and operation.


The Department welcomed feedback from the community, government agencies and other stakeholders during public exhibition. This feedback will help us better understand the opinions and concerns of the community, which will inform our assessment of the project.


All project documents received by the Department to date, including the EIS, are available on our Major Projects website.


Next steps

Following the exhibition, the Department will publish all submissions received and ask Sydney Metro to address all issues raised by the community, council and government agencies.


Sydney Metro will prepare a formal Response to Submissions (RTS) report, which we will make publicly available.


The Department will then assess the project, which includes consideration of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), all submissions and community feedback, and the RTS.


More information

All documentation related to the Stage 2 SSD application for the Victoria Cross Over Station Development is available at our Major Projects website.


To find out more about Victoria Cross station you can:

  • visit the Sydney Metro website
  • visit a NSW Service Centre
  • call our Information Centre on 1300 305 695. If English isn’t your first language and you prefer an interpreter, please call 131 450. Ask for an interpreter in your language and then request to be connected to our Information Centre on 1300 305 695.

Page last updated: 29/11/2019