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Round 3

Accelerated Infrastructure Fund

Under round 3 of the Accelerated Infrastructure Fund (AIF), $300 million is being provided to co-fund and accelerate the delivery of local infrastructure to support housing supply and job generation in high-growth areas of NSW, including, for the first time, regional areas. The extension of AIF was announced as part of the $2.8 billion Housing Package in the 2022-2023 NSW Budget.

The funding will be split with up to $180 million allocated to metropolitan projects and up to $120 million for regional projects. The funding is available for eligible councils, state agencies and utilities to deliver roads, stormwater, electricity infrastructure, sewerage and public open space projects, to enable and support the construction and delivery of new homes and development-ready land.

AIF Round 3 focusses on areas undergoing the highest growth across NSW. The 18 metropolitan and 23 regional councils eligible for funding account for 94% of the state’s total population growth over the next 10 years, according to the latest NSW population projections.

The projects were short-listed after being assessed using the mandatory criteria outlined in the program guidelines, by an independent technical consultant and strategic review panel before final ministerial approval.

Initial funding for AIF round 3 has been announced, with $254 million being allocated to 36 projects in metropolitan and regional NSW.

Metropolitan NSW

The 26 projects to be funded in metropolitan NSW are:

Project Description LGA Number of dwellings supported by project AIF3 investment
Barton Park Recreational Precinct Delivery of 3 full size soccer fields, 4 tennis courts, 2 multipurpose courts, cycleway and connecting walkways suitable for walking circuits. 4 change rooms with showers and toilets. Bayside 5,274 $10 m
Daniels Road Bus Link, Marsden Park Delivery of 1km bus only road between Hollinsworth Road, Marsden Park and Luxford Road, Bidwill. Provides a direct public transport link to the Marsden Park Town Centre. Blacktown* 10,000 $15 m
Railway Terrace Basin 3 Delivery of detention basin, bioretention basin, gross pollutant trap, culverts, road works and a local park to support the Alex Avenue precinct. Blacktown 509 $3.83 m
Tallawong Road Construction of Tallawong Road from Allowrie Street to Lucy Street including associated road drainage, footpath and landscaping. Blacktown 2,306 $4.32 m
Dickson Road and Town Centre Entry Delivery of signalised intersection on Dickson Road, Open space and drainage works. Camden 10,914 $18.06 m
Woolgen Park Road Upgrade of Woolgen Park Road from Camden Valley Way and Riley Road to two-lane collector road. Camden 3,541 $3.71 m
Gwandalan Sewerage Treatment Plant Upgrade Upgrade of existing Gwandalan Sewerage Treatment Plant to support housing growth. Central Coast 2,400 $9.56 m
Gosford Sewer Upgrade Package 7 Upgrade of existing sewer system including new and upgraded mains. Central Coast 800 $4.61 m
Lidcombe Town Centre – High Street Activation and Remembrance Park Upgrade Project delivers upgrades to lighting, paving and street furniture and signage. New and upgraded facilities at Remembrance Park. Cumberland 771 $2 m
Lytton Street Park Masterplan Delivery of a masterplan and stage 1 implementation for Lytton Street Park Area. Upgrade expected to include soft landscape works, park furniture, hard landscape works, play equipment, public art. Cumberland 857 $0.5 m
Fourth Avenue Upgrade between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue, Austral Road widening of Fourth Avenue between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue to a four-lane road including intersection treatments and installations of shared pedestrian path, cycle facilities and street lighting. Liverpool 7,201 $4.74 m
Western Corridor Road Infrastructure Upgrades Road widening and renewal of Longworth Ave and Minmi Road from Maryland Dr East to Summerhill Rd. Newcastle 3,132 $7.61 m
Granville Town Centre Delivery of new Granville Town Centre which will include new public and open space, public amenities and improved pedestrian connectivity. Parramatta 7,640 $9.42 m
F.S. Garside Park Upgrade Improvements include site decontamination, new football field, lighting and regional size playground. Parramatta 7,600 $5 m
Carter Street Bridges and Cycleway Delivery of 1.5km cycle link connecting to existing walking and cycling network around Lidcombe. Parramatta 4,562 $8.11 m
Epping Town Centre East Upgrades Upgrade of public spaces in Epping including Cambridge Street, Pembroke Street, and Langston Place. Parramatta 1,467 $1.55 m
Connecting Granville Delivery of walking and cycling path improvements for key links to Granville Town Centre and to complement upgrades through the Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program. Parramatta 3,773 $0.66 m
Parramatta CBD Southern Precinct Upgrades Street upgrade works to better connect a network of public spaces in the Southern precinct of the Parramatta CBD including widened footpaths, new paving, soft and hard landscaping, lighting and art installations. Parramatta 657 $2.8 m
Regional Route 03 – Cycleway Delivery of active transport link connecting Macquarie Park with West Ryde. Works including road cycleway, shared path and crossing facilities. Ryde 7,665 $1.16 m
Constitution Road Infrastructure Upgrades Road infrastructure works including intersection signalisation, road widening and replacement of Angas Street bridge. Ryde 5,648 $7 m
Meadowbank Park Masterplan – Delivery of part of Stages 3 and 4 Delivery of 2 sportsfields, new amenities building, half basketball court and fitness equipment. Ryde 5,665 $6.05 m
Hermitage Road Shared Path, West Ryde Construction of 190m shared path along Hermitage Road, improving cycling connectivity between West Ryde and the Meadowbank Education and Employment Precinct. Ryde 1,801 $1.13 m
Kirrawee Library, Technology and Community Hub Delivery of a new technology and community hub for Kirrawee Library. Providing a space for study, a bookable community space and library screening events space. Sutherland 2,140 $5.98 m
Seymour Shaw Park Masterplan Implementation Stage 2 Construction of a modern sport and recreational facility. Major works include new sports fields, sports clubhouse and amenities building, off-street car parking and landscaping. Sutherland 1,403 $2.99 m
CRB – Culvert Crossing – Terry Road (North) in Box Hill Delivery of a new culvert under Terry Road supporting the future Brindle Parkway Reserve Sports Field development. The Hills Shire 1,009 $0.89 m
CRF – Culvert Crossing – Terry Road (Town Centre) in Box Hill Delivery of a new culvert under Terry Road to service future development within Box Hill. The Hills Shire 1,009 $0.89 m

*Project led by Transport for NSW

Regional NSW projects

The 10 projects to be funded in regional NSW are:

Project Description LGA Number of dwellings supported by project AIF3 investment
Thurgoona Growth Support – Thurgoona Link Road - Kerr Road, Stages 4 and 5 and Water & Wastewater Infrastructure Construction of Kerr Road from Thurgoona Drive to Table Top Road and Upgrade to Thurgoona water and wastewater trunk mains. Albury 8,116 $10.2 m
Wollombi Road Cessnock – Road Widening and Intersection Improvements Upgrade of Wollombi Road including intersection upgrades and increase to four lanes between Abbotsford Street and West Avenue. Cessnock 3,375 $16.82 m
North Boambee Valley West road raising and bridge infrastructure Construction of road raising and bridge infrastructure works to service the North Boambee Valley West Urban Release area. Coffs Harbour 866 $5.85 m
Construction of River Street West Collector Road (Stage 1) Construction of 0.9km new road including 3 roundabouts and an intersection with the Newell Highway. Supporting growth within the Northwest Residential Urban Release Area. Dubbo 6,000 $9.23 m
South Moruya Housing Enabling Infrastructure project Delivery of essential road, active transport and water infrastructure to support South Moruya. Eurobodalla 1,094 $11.53 m
Goulburn Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Project (Stage 2) Capacity upgrade of Goulburn waste water treatment plant to service a growing Goulburn community. Goulburn Mulwaree 4,884 $11.26 m
Northern (Chisholm) Catchment Sportsground Delivery of a new sportsground and associated works to service the Thornton North community. Maitland 2,209 $5.51 m
Accelerated Infrastructure in High Growth Areas - Hallidays Point and Old Bar Transport improvements including road upgrades, roundabouts, shared pathway extension in Hallidays Point and Old Bar. Mid-Coast 3,205 $4.56 m
Tripoli Way Extension Project 2km road extension of Tripoli Way in Albion Park. Shellharbour 4,518 $16.6 m
Moss Vale Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade Major upgrade to Moss Vale sewage treatment plant. Increasing capacity to service a growing community. Wingecarribee 4,000 $25 m

All information about the application process is contained in the AIF Round 3 – Guidelines (PDF, 574 KB). The frequently asked questions addresses the common questions about AIF Round 3 funding program.