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Stage 1 Concept

In August 2018, Sydney Metro submitted two separate development applications seeking approval for the broad concept for Over Station Developments (OSD) above the northern and southern entrances to the Pitt Street Metro Station. The Stage 1 concept application was approved in June 2019, read further details about the conditions below.

A modification application to amend the approved Stage 1 concept was submitted in June 2020. The department assessed the proposal and, in February 2021, referred it to the Independent Planning Commission (IPC) for determination.

The application seeks consent to:

  • permit the inclusion of ‘retail premises’ as an approved land use within the building podium
  • amend Condition A15 to allow for protrusions beyond the approved building envelope for Architectural embellishments, awning and balustrade structures.

Consultation and assessment

The modification application was on exhibition from 4 June until 1 July 2020.

The department welcomed feedback from the community, government agencies and other stakeholders during the public exhibition period.

As the proposal received more than 50 objections during the public exhibition period, the department has referred the proposal to the IPC for final determination in February 2021.

All project documents for the modification application received by the department to date are available at Major Projects.

For more information about the Pitt Street South over station development go to: