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Archive disclosure log

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act), NSW agencies are required to keep a record (a 'disclosure log') of information about formal applications received under the Act.

Our disclosure log is a record of information that the department has released in response to a formal access application from an individual or organisation that the department believes could also be of interest to other members of the public. The department will include only non-personal information on the log.

The disclosure log sets out the date the decision was made to release the information; a description of the information released; and details about whether that information is currently available online and how it can be accessed.

Be aware that the log lists the information requested, relevant to a specific time and may not contain the most up-to-date version of the information.

In deciding to release information in response to a GIPA access application, consistent with the GIPA Act consideration is to be given to personal factors of the application as outlined in section 55 of the GIPA Act. For instance, where other members of the public request access to the released information described on the disclosure log, the department may delete certain information relating to the original applicant's personal information; business, commercial, professional or financial interests; research carried out by or on behalf of the applicant; or information concerning the affairs of another government department.

The disclosure log will be updated as additional information is released under the GIPA Act.

Accessing available information

Email the GIPA and Privacy Unit at [email protected]

Reference no. Date application decided Description of information and whether full or partial release type
DPE 19-708 20/06/2019 Partial Release – Greater Sydney Commission – Warwick Farm Masters Site
DPE 19-70 21/06/2019 Partial Release – Wallerawang Quarry Operator Appointment
DPE 19-704 14/06/2019 Full Release – Emails between Create NSW and Andrew Kirk 1-25 March 2019
DPE 19-693 27/06/2019 Partial Release – 44-48 Oxford St Epping, Planning Panel
DPE 19-684 29/05/2019 Partial Release – Stanhope Rd Killara rezoning Sydney North Planning Panel
DPE 19-661 20/05/2019 Partial Release – Light Rail Western Extension Noise and Compliance Assessments
DPE 19-657 16/05/2019 Partial Release – Rezoning review of amendment to SEPP (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 re Camden Growth Centre Precinct
DPE 19-652 10/05/2019 Full Release – Corro between Stephen Murray and MO re Fernhill
DPE 19-641 28/03/2019 Full Release – St Leonards GMU or SJB reports
DPE 19-628 21/03/2019 Full Release – Penrith Lakes DA1 and DA2 Mod 3
DPE 19-607 26/04/2019 Partial Release – Black Hill Quarry s11A declaration
DPE 19-575 21/03/2019 Partial Release – Woodsreef asbestos mine monitoring and reports
DPE 19-547 7/02/2019 Partial Release – Acquisition of Bennelong's Grave 25 Watson St Putney (DPE)
DPE 19-570 6/02/2019 Partial Release – Cardinal Freeman Village MP 08_0245 and MP 08_0260
DPE 19-574 23/01/2019 Partial Release – Glendell Mine Modification 4 exhibition
DPE 19-544 21/01/2019 Full Release – Bardwell Park and Turrella Priority Precincts council grants and shared info
DPE 19-540 9/01/2019 Full Release – Sydney Metro City & Southwest project;
DPE 19-549 8/01/2019 Full Release – Illawarra International Health Precinct MP 08_0156 s94 contributions
DPE 19-527 8/01/2019 Full Release – Gilead location change Greater Macarthur Growth Area
DPE 19-504 7/01/2019 Full Release – Significant sites in Draft 2036 Plan for St Leonards and Crows Nest
DPE 19-518 17/12/2018 Full Release – Ingleside Precinct bushfire and traffic reports
DPE 19-522 14/12/2018 Partial Release – Victoria Road DCP meeting with Danias Holdings 13 August 2018
DPE 19-493 11/12/2018 Full Release – Inclusion of 2-12 Chandos St, St Leonards in Draft Plans
DPE 19-507 30/11/2018 Full Release – Draft 2036 Plan for St Leonards and Crows Nest – reports
DPE 19-501 28/11/2018 Partial Release – Fern Hill Estate correspondence between DPE and MO
DPE 19-474 27/11/2018 Full Release – Wilton SIC and Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan
DPE 19-462 13/11/2018 Full Release – SEPP (State and Regional Development) (Martin Place Precinct) Order 2018, info provided to Minister
DPE 19-466 26/10/2018 Full Release – South Creek Catchment Probable Maximum Flood Report by Jacobs 2017
2017/18-137 14/08/2018 Full Release – Wilton Koala Corridors
2017/18-135 20/06/2018 Full Release – Diamond Beach Seniors Development Site Compatibility Certificate, correspondence
2017/18-134 13/06/2018 Partial Release – Codes SEPP Amendment (Low Rise Medium Density Housing) 2017
2017/18-080 1/06/2018 Partial Release – Luna Park compliance
2017/18-119 25/05/2018 Partial Release – Ridgelands Resources annual reports of work programs to Resources & Geosciences for Exploration Licence 8064
2017/18-132 15/05/2018 Full Release – 158-160 Stacey St Bankstown, Site Compatibility Certificate Assessment Report and Council comments
2017/18-139 15/05/2018 Full Release – Concurrence Assessment Report for DA 2016/134 (LEC Proceedings 2018/16441)
2017/18-127 11/05/2018 Full Release – Ingleside Land Release, Tumburra Street and Harvey Road
2017/18-100 26/04/2018 Partial Release – Western Slopes Pipeline correspondence
2017/18-104 27/03/2018 Full Release – Penalty notices, cautions, non-disturbance notices, prohibition notices, notices of concern related to Aus Gold Mining Group Pty Ltd
2017/18-063 25/01/2018 Full Release – Approved plans for 2-6 Pandanus Parade Cabarita