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Precincts-Regional SEPP

A new State Environmental Planning Policy (Precincts-Regional) 2021 (Precincts-Regional SEPP) introduced on 1 March 2022 consolidates four SEPPs. The new SEPP includes the State Environmental Planning Policy (Activation Precincts) 2020 (Activation Precincts SEPP) and will help streamline legislation.

The Precincts-Regional SEPP facilitates a planning framework for Special activation precincts (Precinct/s) in regional NSW, streamlining planning processes and guiding the delivery of the precincts.

The previous Activation Precincts SEPP is located in Chapter 3 of the new Precincts-Regional SEPP and remains unchanged.

A simpler planning approval pathway

The Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure is responsible for preparing the planning framework for each precinct across regional NSW.

This involves upfront strategic environmental impact assessment to identify the opportunities and limitations of each precinct and likely impacts of certain land uses.

This evidence informs the creation of a master plan, land use controls, environmental mapping and development standards for the precinct. Certain land uses will available for development as complying or exempt development, reducing the time and cost of getting a planning approval.

The Precincts-Regional SEPP requires a master plan and delivery plan to be finalised before development starts. When preparing an application for development, the applicant must complete a strategic merit assessment step to get an Activation Precinct Certificate from Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation.

The requirements will ensure development is consistent with the vision for the precincts, and in line with planning controls.

Amendments to the Precincts-Regional SEPP

Parkes Special Activation Precinct

The following amendments to the Precincts-Regional SEPP have been made:

1 March 2022

  • A new clause has been inserted into the Precincts-Regional SEPP to specify the Planning Secretary as the consent authority for development on land in the Regional Enterprise Zone within the Parkes precinct,
  • An amendment has been made to the definition of ‘thermal treatment’ to clarify that it does not include incineration,
  • Solar energy farms are permitted as complying development,
  • An extension of the boundary of the Parkes precinct by approximately 21 hectares with better alignment to the Parkes bypass, and
  • Additional land uses allowed as exempt development, including mobile food and drink outlets.

Wagga Wagga Special Activation Precinct

1 March 2022

Applications for development within the Wagga Wagga activation precinct can be lodged once the schedule to the Precincts-Regional SEPP comes into effect on 31 March 2022.

A delivery plan is being prepared and will be publicly exhibited soon. Once the delivery plan is finalised development applications can be made.

View the Heritage Assessment for Wagga Wagga Special Activation Precinct (PDF, 8.5 MB) that informed the listing of the two new heritage items.