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Pitt Street North Over Station Development

In January 2017, the Pitt Street Metro Station was approved as part of the Sydney Metro City & Southwest - Chatswood to Sydenham project. The station will be part of the future Sydney Metro network, providing access across the network to the Sydney Central Business District.

The site is located within the Sydney CBD, approximately 160m east of Sydney Town Hall and bound by Market Street to the north, Park Street to the south, Castlereagh Street to the east and Pitt Street to the west.

In February 2021 the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces approved the construction and operation of a new commercial tower above the northern entrance of the new Sydney Metro Pitt Street Station.

The Pitt Street North over station development is identified as State Significant Development as it is associated with railway infrastructure and for the purposes of commercial premises or residential accommodation with a Capital Investment Value of more than $30 million.

A separate development application seeks approval for over station development above the southern entrance to the Pitt Street Metro Station.

Project stages

The department received the following applications:

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