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Sly's Quarry to produce more sandstone and provide more jobs

  • Date: 09.05.2016
  • Type: Departmental Media Release
  • Author: Department of Planning and Environment

Sly's Quarry near Maclean will expand and produce more sandstone after a Department of Planning and Environment approval.


Newman Quarrying Pty Ltd’s approved application proposes to increase the existing quarry pit by 11.1 hectares and extract an extra 4.6 million tonnes of sandstone at an increased rate of 500,000 tonnes a year.


The key issues addressed during the Department’s assessment include traffic and transport changes due to quarry truck movements, biodiversity and water impacts.


The Department has approved the expansion application after close consideration of these issues and applied the following conditions in response:

  • preparation of a Traffic Management Plan
  • preparation of a Drivers Code of Conduct
  • preparation of a Soil and Water Management Plan
  • preparation of a Biodiversity and Rehabilitation Management Plan and Biodiversity Offset Strategy.


As part of the Biodiversity Offset Strategy, the applicant will conserve and enhance a much larger area of land of up to 1.35 square kilometres for a range of threatened flora and fauna species, including the Bordered Guinea Flower.


“Public consultation is enshrined into the process for assessing projects like these and the Department has addressed the issues raised,” a spokesperson for the Department said.


“The site will be subject to on-going audits and inspections by the Department’s compliance officers to ensure Newman Quarrying Pty Ltd is adhering to its strict approval conditions.


The materials are proposed for use in the construction of the Pacific Highway upgrade between Woolgoolga and Ballina.


A Department spokesperson said the application was thoroughly assessed on its merits and would continue to provide a source of construction materials for projects in the local region.


“Ongoing employment of the existing three person team will be ensured as a result of the expansion,” a spokesperson said.


“Potential for an additional five jobs during peak operation could potentially double the workforce for a period of time.


“The application was publicly exhibited by the Department during May and June 2015.”


More information can be found at the Major Projects website.

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