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Official Caution issued to AW Edwards Pty Limited (SSI-7400) North Sydney LGA

On 21 September 2022, the department issued an Official Caution to AW Edwards Pty Limited (AWE) for failing to comply with approved construction hours at the Sydney Metro Crows Nest station site. AWE has an extended work hours approval which allows concrete works until 10pm Saturdays. Once commenced, a concrete pour cannot be stopped without affecting the structural integrity of the concrete. On Saturday 26 March 2022, AWE commenced a concrete pour at 7am and due to quality issues with the concrete being supplied, the works were not completed until 2am on Sunday 27 March 2022. AWE has introduced additional quality control measures with its concrete supplier and pouring subcontractor to prevent concrete works from extending beyond the approved construction hours. Compliance with approved construction hours helps to minimise the impact on surrounding residents and protect the amenity of the area.