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Help us plan for the future of White Bay Power Station

Help us plan for the future of White Bay Power Station as an arts, culture, creative industries and community hub. We want to understand what cultural activities you’d like to see in this iconic space and how we can bring your ideas to life.

Placemaking NSW (PMNSW) – the NSW Government agency responsible for managing the site – is seeking community feedback to inform medium-term activities and long-term uses from 2032 onwards.

In March 2024, White Bay Power Station opened its doors to the public for the first time for the Biennale of Sydney. The community can now explore it firsthand and imagine the possibilities for its future use. Now is the time to hear from a broad range of Sydney communities so we can develop a place that everyone will love.

This one-of-a-kind historic site is of national and international significance and is set to become a cultural beacon for the people of Sydney and beyond. Your thoughts and ideas will help shape the priorities for White Bay Power Station as a place where everyone feels welcome and can celebrate culture and art. 

This community engagement will run from Friday 19 April to Tuesday 11 June 2024.

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Tell us what arts, cultural and community events you currently enjoy and what you’d like to see at the White Bay Power Station.

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Visit White Bay Power Station

Come to our onsite pop-up stall at the Biennale of Sydney at the following times:

  • Wednesday 8 May, 4 pm to 6 pm
  • Saturday 18 May, 12 pm to 2 pm
  • Saturday 25 May, 12 pm to 2 pm
  • Saturday 1 June, 11 am to 1 pm
  • Wednesday 5 June, 11 am to 1 pm

Frequently asked questions

What is a cultural space?

A cultural space is a physical location or venue dedicated to the expression, exploration, and celebration of arts, culture, creative industries and community activities. 

It is a place where individuals and groups can gather to engage in a wide range of cultural activities, programming and events including but not limited to art exhibitions, music concerts, dance performances, theatre productions, workshops, talks and presentations, and cultural festivals.

What is a cultural activity

Cultural activities are a way for people to explore and celebrate arts, creative expression and cultural traditions, as well as to learn about and appreciate those of others. Cultural activities can include viewing or taking part in the creation of sculptures, paintings, music performances, theatre, dance, film, photography, food traditions, festivals, and more. 

By taking part in these activities, people from different backgrounds can come together, share their stories, and build strong, lively communities. 

I’ve previously shared my thoughts about White Bay Power Station, what is the purpose of this engagement?

Several major state government projects are happening around Rozelle and Balmain, and we appreciate that the community has provided feedback on White Bay Power Station, Sydney Metro West and the Bays West Precinct in recent years. 

Previous engagement helped us understand the community’s desire for White Bay Power Station to remain a community asset, which led to the space being zoned for predominantly cultural and community use. Now that the community has the chance to see inside this unique building, we want to hear specific ideas for arts, cultural, creative industries and community events and programming for the future use of the space.

How will my ideas be used and referenced?

Community feedback will be used to understand the needs, concerns and future aspirations surrounding White Bay Power Station as an arts, cultural, creative industries and community hub. These ideas will inform future planning and business case analysis. 

All feedback is anonymous and no names or identifying characteristics of participants will be used in reports or communications. A summary of what we heard throughout the engagement will be published online later in the year.  

What is the project timeline?

The community engagement program will run from Friday 19 April to Tuesday 11 June 2024, remaining open for the remainder of Biennale of Sydney to provide people with the opportunity to see White Bay Power Station and understand what’s possible in the space.  

Insights gathered during the engagement will inform the future planning and business case analysis for the medium-term activities as well as long-term uses of White Bay Power Station as an arts, cultural, creative industries and community hub from 2032 onwards.