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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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Image credit: Destination NSW

The Wagga Wagga Special Activation Precinct (SAP) will deliver jobs and growth to Wagga Wagga.


The SAP capitalises on the Inland Rail Project, bringing manufacturing, agribusiness, and freight and logistics to Wagga Wagga.


What's happened so far?

We have drafted a Master Plan for the Wagga Wagga SAP that focuses on the area spanning out from the Bomen Business Park in Wagga Wagga.


We conducted technical studies of an area surrounding the Bomen Business Park.


The technical studies covered topics such as environment and heritage, sustainability and infrastructure.


The results of the technical studies and community engagement informed the evidence base for the Wagga Wagga draft Master Plan.


We worked closely with Wagga Wagga City Council on the draft Master Plan.


We also engaged with businesses in Bomen, local stakeholders, including residents in the surrounding local community and government agencies.


What happens next?

The department sought feedback from the community on the Wagga Wagga SAP draft master plan during public exhibition, which closed on 29 September 2020.


Accompanying the draft Master Plan is a Discussion Paper (Explanation of Intended Effect) that proposes the addition of the Wagga Wagga SAP to the State Environmental Planning Policy (Activation Precincts) 2020.


Adding the Wagga Wagga SAP to the Activation Precincts SEPP would “turn off” the Wagga Wagga LEP for land within the Wagga Wagga SAP, meaning that the Activation Precincts SEPP will become the primary environmental planning instrument for that land.


It will establish new land use zones, new controls relating to Exempt, Complying and Designated Development and introduce some new streamlined development application processes for land within the Wagga Wagga Special Activation Precinct.


Thank-you to those who submitted feedback during public exhibition. Your input helps us better understand the opinions and views of the community, which will inform the final master plan.


The department is now analysing and assessing the submissions, which will inform a submissions report. The report summarises the feedback and key themes and will address how feedback has been taken into consideration. We are planning to release the submissions report in Q2 2021 along with the final master plan.


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Page last updated: 30/04/2021