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Penalty Notice issued to Roberts Co (NSW) Pty Ltd (SSD-9343, City of Ryde LGA)

On 16 August 2021, the Department issued a $15,000 Penalty Notice to Roberts Co (NSW) Pty Ltd (Roberts Co) for failing to comply with approved construction hours at the Meadowbank Education and Employment Precinct Schools Project. Roberts Co permitted works to occur until 9pm on Wednesday 9 June 2021, causing noise disturbances to neighbouring residents and resulting in several complaints to the Department. The approved weekday construction hours are between 7am and 6pm, or until 7pm provided noise levels do not exceed the existing background noise level by 5 dB, or in an emergency to avoid loss of life, damage to property or to prevent environmental harm, or where works are inaudible at the nearest sensitive receivers. An investigation by the Department found that works on Wednesday 9 June 2021 past 6pm did not meet the above criteria. Compliance with approved construction hours helps to minimise the impact on surrounding residents and protect the amenity of the area.